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Research of Anti-Tumor Drug May Lead to First Feline Cancer Treatment

Jun 24, 2013

Chemotherapy, targeted chemotherapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy and surgery—these have been the standards for the last 5 years. There soon may be an additional type-Vitamin B12 based therapy.

Researchers at the Bauer Research Foundation (BRF) have designed a vitamin B12-based anti- cancer drug, nitrosylcobalamin (NO- Cbl), and they are evaluating whether it can be used to treat a variety of tumors in both cats and dogs. Vitamin B12 is necessary for all cells to grow and tumor cells have more vitamin B12 receptors than normal cells.

The researchers at BRF are exploiting this difference and essentially have fashioned a safe "smart bomb" --NO (nitric acid) attached to vitamin B12 (cobalamin) --so that tumor cells are preferentially targeted by this therapy. The doctors and staff at The Veterinary Cancer Center participated in some of the very early trials and we are very excited about this new therapy coming to the market. "No-cbl is a potential game changer in the field of veterinary oncology. This therapy would be an entirely new class of compounds that veterinary oncologists could use to help treat many different types of cancers in both cats and dogs."