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National Cancer Survivor’s Day

Jun 24, 2013

June is the time of year we celebrate National Cancer Survivor’s Day

We have all been touched by cancer--whether it be personally, through a family member or pet. June is the time of year that we celebrate the tremendous advances we have and continue to make in cancer therapy. June is the time we celebrate those individuals, people and pets, that are cancer survivors.

I am reminded of one of our patients, a wonderful dog that just celebrated 18 months of being cancer free. This alone is reason enough for celebration, but her owner is also a cancer survivor--almost 18 years cancer free.

These two individuals epitomize what veterinary and medical oncologists are all working for--the end of cancer. But until we achieve that goal, we need to celebrate every day that both people and pets who have cancer live and thrive; every day that they enjoy their precious lives.

These days we are often overwhelmed with bad news on TV, in the newspapers; bad news seems to follow us every where. The sobering statistic that cancer is still the number one health threat to pets is ever-present. For this month, try and celebrate those courageous pets and people that are cancer survivors. Remember, more and more pets are not only being treated for their cancer, but are surviving for longer and longer periods of time.

Having only a day designated as National Cancer Survivor’s Day does not seem to be enough--we really should celebrate every day that every cancer survivor lives to beat this horrible disease.

Please remember that Animal Cancer Foundation is dedicated to finding a cure for cancer (in both pets and people) by funding research in and increasing public awareness of comparative oncology, the study of naturally occurring cancer in humans and in companion animals.

The best advice I can give you, and likely the most important piece of advice any veterinarian will ever give you is to enjoy your pet. Enjoy and love them EVERY day. For those pets in our lives that are affected with cancer, every day is Pet Cancer Survivor’s Day.