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Melanoma Tumor Board Meeting and ACF

Jan 13, 2013

I just returned from a Melanoma Tumor Board Meeting in Washington, DC and I do not remember being more excited by the outcome of a conference. There were close to 50 people in attendance ranging from medical oncologists to molecular biologists to geneticists to veterinary medical and radiation oncologists to pathologists-both veterinary and human. This group of people represented the “best of the best” in terms of melanoma researchers and clinicians.

This conference, supported by the Animal Cancer Foundation, will result in the publication of a “white paper” describing a consensus statement espousing the value of canine oral malignant melanomas as a model for certain types of melanomas in people. People from both sides of the “human and veterinary aisle” passionately and eloquently described the need for developing this model.

The organizers of this conference have done what no one has been able to do for 20 years—effectively guide such a diverse group of cancer researchers to reach a consensus statement.  They have truly allowed me to see a dream of mine move towards fruition. Since starting the Animal Cancer Foundation in 1999, I have hoped to galvanize the cancer community in this manner. It is such a wonderful feeling to