Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I refer my clients and their pets to The VCC?

We are one of only a handful of animal treatment centers in the United States, and the only one in the stand-a-lone facility, dedicated exclusively to fighting cancer. • Our oncologists have decades of experience successfully diagnosing and treating even the most complex cases. • Our full-service hospital and conveniently-located clinics are equipped with the resources, technology and equipment to deliver the quality and length of life we'd all want for our own pets. • We have earned a reputation over many years for high-quality, comprehensive, and compassionate care.

Does The VCC offer traditional veterinary services?

No, our focus is strictly cancer. You would continue to provide services and administer care for all your patient's other health and medical needs.

Will I be 'kept in the loop' regarding the patient's diagnosis and treatment?

Absolutely. We appreciate your knowledge of the patient you've been caring for and value your contributions to its health and well-being.

What type of cancer treatments and services does The VCC offer?

We're a single destination for everything cancer-related, including: • Diagnostics & early detection • Immunotherapy • CT scan • Ultrasound • Digital radiology • Radiation therapy • Integrative therapy • Clinical trials • Nutritional support • Chemotherapy • Targeted Therapy

Does The VCC host clinical research trials that might benefit my clients and their pets?

Yes. Our expertise, patient volume, and multiple locations mean we're often asked by drug manufacturers to host research trials. In addition to giving our clients and patients the opportunity to benefit from the latest treatment developments, our participation sometimes means that dogs and cats that meet certain conditions will be eligible to receive cancer-related exams, diagnostic testing, and medications at little or no cost to their owners.

How do I refer a patient to you?

It is helpful if very patient has a referral form, but you can also call of at 203-838-6626 or email us and we would be happy to take the information either way, but we will still need you to send over the appropriate records.

What information will I receive?

You will receive a summary of the results of our tests and diagnosis, along with treatment plan.  After each treatment session, we will also provide you with an update on the patient's condition via email or fax - whichever you prefer.

What information should I provide regarding the patient?

Any relevant patient history and results from tests that you have performed that lead to your diagnosis of cancer.  The referral form covers the information that we need.

Do you have information that I can give my patients?

Yes.  We have developed an informational brochure that explains cancer and what treatment options are available.  You may call our office at 203.838.6626 and we will send you printed copies.

Do you have anything that explains our relationship after the referral?

Yes.  We have developed a brochure describing the partnership that we have with our referring veterinarians.  You may call our office at 203.838.6626 and we will send you printed copies.