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Future cancer patients may have one very brave woman to thank: A 49-year-old Mayo Clinic patient who suffered from multiple myeloma for about a decade is now cancer-free thanks to a cutting-edge treatment. In an experimental procedure, she received an extremely high dose of the measles vaccine, enough to inoculate 10 million people (!!!). The vaccine was delivered in a single injection through an IV over the course of an hour. Within a week, her tumors started shrinking and within three months she was completely free of the disease. She’s been in remission for about six months. more

InSightec was established in January 1999. The company developed a breakthrough technology that in essence allows treating human beings without cutting the body. We developed technological systems that allows the destruction of targets deep inside the body completely non-invasive. The unique part of InSightec is that all these procedures are being done under real time monitoring and control of treatment outcome. So the user is capable of changing treatment parameters on-the-fly, not in retrospect and achieves the desired outcome. Read more...


Jan Crisitello, a 70-year-old grandmother of four, was diagnosed in 2002 with stage 4 melanoma, which kills the vast majority of its victims within five years. Although chemotherapy helped her make it past the five-year mark, by 2007 the cancer was growing again. Desperate, she joined a 29-patient trial of a drug being developed by Pfizer (PFE). The drug was a failure for almost all of the patients, and Pfizer spokeswoman Sally Beatty says it has been “deprioritized for further development.” For Crisitello, the drug worked, and her cancer is in full remission. Now oncologists are studying her DNA to determine how her genome may have made her unusually responsive to the drug. “I feel very fortunate,” she says. “It would make me feel good if they found out why and could replicate that for other people.” Read more...

This trip is for anyone with a sense of adventure, who wants to see some of our planet’s more unique (and vanishing) wildlife and culture, and wants to do it in style. If you are interested in digital photography then you are in for even more of a treat. Dr. Palazzolo (or Dr. P., as he is known) combines his knowledge of photography and exotic animal veterinary medicine with the expert knowledge of our naturalist guides for a perfect combination of wildlife viewing and outstanding photography.

This trip has been specifically designed to coincide with the annual birth of wildebeest calves as part of the annual migration. Hundreds of thousands of wildebeests will be calving in a two-week period of time. It is an explosion of new life and interaction with the predators of the Serengeti, and we will be right in the middle of the action every day. This will be a unique safari, far more interesting and personal with nature than your average safari. You will return
with an experience and photos that very few people will have experienced.

On Dr. P’s trips you can learn about digital photography at any level you want from beginning up to advanced. He will bring the finest professional equipment Canon makes, and will give everyone periodic access to these cameras and lenses with hands-on instructions. There will be a maximum of three to four people per vehicle allowing photographers ample room in the vehicle to get the best vantage point. Non-photographers are welcome, and will enjoy the trip just the same, although be forewarned how enticing it is to take your own photos to show off to your friends on your return.

Emergency Potpourri: Because You Never Know What Is Going to Come Through the Door

Elisa Mazzaferro, DVM, PhD, DACVECC

(8 hours RACE-approved continuing education credits)


Special Photography Safari with International Expeditions and Dr. Carl Palazzolo Feb. 3-13, 2015

With Pre-Trip Extension to Rwanda January 30-February 3, 2015

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We see technological advances all the time in our lives and in our practice.  Things that we couldn’t even imagine ten years ago are happening every day.  I am going to reveal my age here, but when I first started practicing as a veterinarian few private practices had X-ray machines, and all of them used film for radiographs.  Now many practices have digital radiography and can take a radiograph and e-mail it to a radiologist within minutes.  Hopefully these changes in technology are used to improve the level of care we can provide to our patients.

Imaging is one area where technology has improved in leaps and bounds.  Today Computed Tomography (CT) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) are available in many different veterinary centers.  PET scans (Positron Emission Tomography) are available at some veterinary schools.  These tools allow us to get an incredibly detailed look inside the body to identify diseases.  When it comes to cancer accurate imaging is crucial to help diagnose tumors and to identify exactly where the tumor is in relation to the normal tissues.

However, this technology is not just useful for diagnosis.  New advances in technology are changing the ways that we are able to treat tumors.  There are approximately 70 centers in the world that have radiation therapy capabilities for treating animals.  Most of these facilities have linear accelerators for treating cancer, which allow us to focus radiation to the tumor, while avoiding the normal tissues.  Some of these facilities have a technology called intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) or stereotactic radiation.  These techniques, used with advanced imaging techniques, allow us to truly pinpoint the radiation to the tumor, and minimize the dose of radiation to any normal tissues in the area.  By doing this we are able to effectively treat pets with cancer, while minimizing damage to their normal tissues…helping us achieve our goal of effectively treating cancer, while keeping our patient’s quality of life as normal as possible.

I look forward to seeing what the next ten years brings to allow us to provide the best care possible for our patients with cancer.

The Connecticut Veterinary Medical Association recently endorsed Bank of America Merrill Lynch on August 14th, as a provider of services to member practices. 

The CVMA Executive Committee carefully made this decision by comparing products, services, and rates for several competitive banks.  The Committee determined that Bank of America Merrill Lynch provided superior opportunities that we believe can best affect the quality of member practices, and the CVMA. 

The Bank of America partnership advisory approach is unique in the industry.   While our size and level of expertise are impressive, you will find that our approach is personal and hands on.   Bank of America Merchant Banking, Small Business Banking, and Practice Solutions- coupled to Merrill Lynch Wealth Management- are working together to ensure the growth and success of the CVMA and Member practices. 

Merchant Banking Solutions provides an immediate and readily identifiable change in your merchant services rate.  Bank of America is providing a rate of 9bps for member practices.  Merchant Banking Solutions is committed to tailoring their services to your hospital’s needs. 

Small Business Banking Solutions offers personal service for all members at every level of banking, including a personal liaison for every aspect of member needs.  We also offer Business Advantage Checking with zero monthly maintenance for hospital owners.  We will coordinate with our local branch locations to make sure your banking experience is a success.

Veterinary Practice Solutions has the expertise to accommodate new practice start-ups, practice sales and purchase, business debt consolidation, equipment financing, commercial real estate, as well as, providing educational seminars about topics ranging from first-time hospital owners to succession planning.   Bank of America loaned over $100,000,000 to doctors in 2012.  For the CVMA, Hospital financing requests will receive 50% off any administration fee.  The current interest rate environment is still ideal for low rate refinancing of existing debt structures and ideal from a long-term amortization perspective.

Merrill Lynch Wealth Management Services offers access to a broad array of competitive financial solutions, designed to help you address your unique financial needs.  Merrill Lynch offers a complimentary Complete Business Review Analysis as it relates to retirement plan services, such as 401ks, profit-sharing plans, cash balance plans, etc.

Your life and your life’s work are inextricably linked.  We will take the time to gain an in-depth understanding of your goals and your business in order to propose strategies that address your needs both at your practice, and at home.  All members will receive 50% off of solution fee-based programs with Merrill Lynch. 

We look forward to working with you, and encourage you to take advantage of what Bank of America Merrill Lynch can do for your practice, and you. 

Please reach out to David Mozeleski at 860-728-3567 or  


Veterinarians and the staff of local hospitals are invited to send their best to compete for pride and for glory in the 1st Annual VetOlympics. This interactive and intellectual event will consist of teams of five, and can have more than one team per hospital.

This will be an evening of fun, food, drink, laughter, and friendly competition. In the end, however, only one hospital shall stand victorious and hold yearly rights to the coveted 1st Annual VetOlympics Trophy. Awards, trophies and prizes shall also be given based on team spirit, best team uniform and more! Read more...

New wonder drug matches and kills all kinds of cancer — human testing starts 2014

Stanford researchers are on track to begin human trials of a potentially potent new weapon against cancer, and would-be participants are flooding in following the Post’s initial report on the discovery.

The progress comes just two months after the groundbreaking study by Dr Irv Weissman, who developed an antibody that breaks down a cancer's defense mechanisms in the body. Read More...



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Stages of Loss: The Group Approach

It is a team effort to help both pets and their owners through illness.

There are many stages of worry when a pet is struggling with an illness such as cancer: chances of survival, the choice of treatment, quality and meaning of life for both pet and owner.

The Veterinary Cancer Center (VCC) helps with the complex needs of the animal and now has a partnership support system for the emotional needs of pet owners. 

Support groups are offered at Westport Family Counseling for owners of sick pets, or for those that have recently lost pets.  The group environment has been proven to be most effective in processing worry, grief, guilt, anxiety and sorrow.  The group is facilitated by Vera Muller-Paisner, LCSW, Psychoanalyst, who has extensive experience with complexity of the human-animal bond.  (

For more information on the groups call (203) 227-4555 or email